Gummy Gush

Gummy Gush – a fun, new match-3 style gummy game! Help the citizens of Gummy Kingdom and level up! Over 100+ fun match-3 puzzle levels with unique maps and characters.

  • Please make more levels. Very addictive. This has to be the best match 3 game I played ★★★★★ - Mim4x

  • What a lovely game. And the characters are adorable. I really can't stop playing. And its great for all ages. Can't wait for more levels. ★★★★★ - Christine C.

  • Cute and enjoyable.... not to mention the lives regenerate fast thus not having to wait for hours to continue. ★★★★★ - Darkness_9909

  • My favorite game ever! Can't stop playing it! Need more games like my GUMMY GUSH! ❤💚💜💙💛 ★★★★★ - Connie J.